I went to Edinburgh on a whim, when my friend said that her travel buddies were all meeting up for a weekend. She asked me to tag along with her, and I jumped at the chance!
Scotland has been on my list of places to go for a long time now, and I am so happy to tick it off of my list. We went to Edinburgh because one of her traveling friends has moved there for a job, and the others lived in Glasgow and Aberdeen. It made more sense for 2 of us to go up, then for 3 of them to come down.

We decided to get the train. From Bristol to Edinburgh, it was a loooooong 6 hours, but the scenery certainly made up for it. The train was easy, all we had to do was sit there and it was a lot closer to the centre than the airport.

We got the 8.39am train from Bristol and arrived in Edinburgh at 3.32pm. We grabbed our over packed backpacks and met our friend outside the train station. We headed straight for food and went to a Indian that was highly recommended (it ended up not agreeing with me and my friend, so we were ill for the night!).
As it was a reunion of sorts, we didn’t do as much sightseeing as I would have liked (too hungover for that…!).

However, we did see things. We went shopping down the Royal Mile, which was full of cobblestoned streets, stone buildings and cute Scottish shops. We saw Arthur’s Seat, which is a mountain with a flat top that looks like… a seat! It is relatively easy to climb and gives you an incredible panoramic view of the city. Unfortunately we didn’t climb it, but I will definitely be returning to conquer this mini mountain! We saw the famous castle in all its glory too.

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