I discovered Oh Wonder whilst flicking though the music channels a few years ago.
I stopped on the song, but what had me hooked was the music video. It was beautiful and interesting and I felt like I was watching a film that no one had discovered yet. The song was Drive, and it quickly became one of my favourite songs ever.

So when I found out that they were going to be coming to my hometown on their world tour I had to be there no matter what! It was hands down one of the best concerts I have ever been to; it was intimate, alive and real. I was front row and sang along to every word I knew.

They sang so many songs I genuinely lost count. The electronic pop duo danced their hearts out and dripped in sweat from the first note on Josephine's keyboard. They performed Livewire, All We Do, Dazzle and Body Gold to name a few, from their 2015 hit album self titled and brought old and new fans together with High on Humans, Lifetimes and Heavy from their new album Ultralife. They also encored with Drive which made the crowd go wild.

Oh Wonder are my go-to band when I'm sad and need cheering up, when I need some awesome inspiration or when I'm high on life and so happy. They are a band you can play in your room alone, at a cool house party or cruising down the road with the top down in LA. 
Give them a listen, you won't regret it.


Behind the scenes of us being absolute goofballs in the sun! Yes, these have been "borrowed" from my friends but some of them are just too good not to show the world. We posed in front of the Boardmasters sign, put loads of glitter on our faces that also ended up on every surface we touched! We also have the "going out out" pose and we had a little beach photoshoot. There is something here for everyone.


Boardmasters, you were pretty fab. You proved to me that I am definitely a city girl, but I can definitely rock a tent once in a while. Your food is ridiculously expensive, we got rained on, sunburnt, shat on by a seagull  our tent collapsed, had numerous portaloo problems, whiplash from the waltsers, crushed in the mosh pit, my granny trolley got pinched, sparkling white crocs and realising how old we actually are, but I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of hilarious Granny's to spend it with!

I decided to take the majority of my photos on my 35mm film camera and they came out really well! The graininess gives the photo a vintage touch and I'm really feelin' it.


For my 25th birthday, I went to Amsterdam. We saw hundreds of tulips, racked up thousands of steps walking around museums, ate our weight in nutella churros and breathed in second hand weed. It was fucking fabulous.