Have you ever stepped foot in a city or town and immediately thought that you 100% lived there in a previous life? Or the city is so beautiful and captivating that you couldn't possibly think of leaving in a few days time, so you search online for anyone looking for a new housemate? Well, you are not alone.


Oh 'Dam. I truly left my heart here and I have been dying to go back ever since! The beautifully quaint streets filled with moody coffee shops, hundreds of bicycles chained to everything in sight and trams bustling their way through the city. Such a beautiful sight. The museums are incredible, brimming with cool art and amazing artefacts. I am going back for my 25th birthday in July and I cannot wait to see this stunning city in summer!

The city that never sleeps and where dreams are made. New York is truly a magical place and I have never felt more at home than when I was stomping New York's streets, seeing buildings and landmarks that I've seen in all of my favourite films a million times. As we were walking through Wall Street, my friends turned to me and said "we could see you living here, running to work with a coffee in your hand" and I could have died right then and there - what a dream that would be! I can't wait to go back and see the city in a totally different season.

L.A is has a special place in my heart for one reason: The Oscars. I was lucky enough to win tickets to attend the Oscars a few years ago and it was my first of many; first long-haul flight, first trip to America and the first trip to the Oscars! It was exactly what I was expecting and completely different at the same time. I returned to L.A last year with a different group of people and a car (people who have been to LA will know why a car is so important!) and I had a blast. I will never forget walking onto that red carpet and seeing the giant golden statue...

Oh Miami, you pretty little thing! Miami was the coolest place ever; warm blue sea, super hot, music on every corner and shops to die for. Miami is a little slice of paradise for the city lover and it really packs a punch. In the day, the sun shone and you could shop, eat or go to the beach. But in the night, the strip turns into a mix of lights, crazy music, giant cocktails and deliciously overpriced food. Definitely check out this cool corner of the USA if you can.


Hailed as Queen of Coachella, Vanessa's bohemian style screams Los Angeles cool chick. She's the kinda girl you just want to be besties with because her wardrobe must be like Narnia. 


Essentials. These are not my essentials. 
I definitely don't need every single one of these products nor do I use them every single day, but each thing has their own little story to tell. Like, the Avalon shampoo and conditioner helps with my excruciating eczema ALL over my scalp. The Degree deodorant was a quick purchase I made when I ran out at camp and it's quite possibly my favourite sweat-preventer now. The Simple wipes are bloody expensive but they remove every last scrap of makeup and leaves my face smooth as a babies bum. And the Hydrocortisone cream (say that 10x fast..) saved me from the hundreds of mosquito and spider bites (yes, spiders bite...) I received whilst living in the middle of the woods for three months. 

So I thought I'd show off some of my not-so-essentials (c'mon, who can call dark tanning oil essential when we live in the UK??) because, for the most part, the packaging is hella cute.





Do you have that list of things that you need to buy at some stage, but you just put off buying them for ages and then just buy them all at once? Yeah, well that's what I did this week and some of them are pretty fab. 

 I love a pair of glasses; they add a hint of class to an outfit and they conceal the hideous bags under my eyes from binge-watching Pretty Little Liars into the early morning. I picked these pretty boys from eBay and they were only £6! Surprisingly, they are really good quality and they look fab on so they are a winner.

I have been desperate to get some Castor Oil for ages now, but I've been reluctant to pay £10 for a huge bottle from Holland & Barrett when I just wanted a little one! So to eBay, I went and found this one for £2.99! I am using it to grow my eyebrows and lashes so stay tuned for a progress update. 

These little cuties are for the above oil to be applied to my hairless brows and lashes. These were £1.49 for 10 and they are perfect. 

 Praise the lord for this beautiful book! I have been waiting for Roth to write another one ever since the Divergent series came to an end (still haven't gotten over that ending, FYI) and Carve The Mark looks so glorious and majestic and I am going to start it asap. 

 There's nothing I love more than notebooks. I have hundreds, but I can always justify a few more and these sassy queens were coming home with me for only a £1 each.


Oh Ashley, you have stolen my style heart. She is the coolest girl anywhere she goes and she gives me major city vibes from NYC to LA. Ashley's style is oh so casual and comfy - "My personal style is more casual. I just love to be comfortable. I gear more towards black, I kind of have more of an edgy-feel." 


Shay Mitchell. My favourite Pretty Little Liar (closely followed by Hanna) and my ultimate Los Angeles style babe. Her hair is her most iconic accessory and her style is a mix of city vibes, bohemian with a hint of sports luxe. Enjoy.


 That's right, I haven't had a period for four whole years. How? Well, back in 2012 I decided to get the contraceptive implant and it was the best thing I have ever done. 

The weeks leading me up to get the implant, I scoured the web for every scrap of information about every contraceptive contraption out there - if something was going to go into my body for long period of time, I wanted to know as much as possible. I read about the pill, the IUD coil, the injection and the implant. 

After all of my research, I definitely knew I didn't want to take a pill at the exact time every day, I had only ever heard horror stories about the coil and I wasn't too keen on having to go to the doctors every few months just to get the injection topped up. I knew the implant would suit my lifestyle better and the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

It is inserted using this weird contraption, kind of like a pen. They clean and numb the arm (it goes in the upper inner part of the arm, above the elbow) and then position the implant. Something is released and then pushed into the skin, similar to an ear piercing gun. The area is bandaged tightly to reduce bruising and off you go! They also give you a card stating what implant you have, the date you had it inserted and when it needs to come out.

The removal sounds pretty rough but you don't feel or see a thing. Your arm is numbed with general anaesthetic and a 4-5mm piece of the skin is cut open with a scalpel so the implant can be pulled out and a new one can be popped back in. I didn't feel a thing and it took about 10 minutes altogether.

My experience with the Implant has been fantastic! I currently have my second implant in, which was inserted in 2015 so I have just over a year until I need a new one put in. 
All of my visits have been painless, I haven't had any side effects and the best part of it all is that my periods have completely stopped! I get very minimal cramps around my usual time of the month, but apart from that, no blood, no tampons and no period knickers! 
At first, I was worried that not having periods wasn't safe or good for your body, but I checked with my doctor when I went in for my second one and she confirmed that it is perfectly normal and isn't doing any harm. Once my implant is removed, my periods will start as normal (although probably irregular for the first few months) and my fertility will be back very quickly too.

I will be 25 when I have my second implant removed and at this present time, I will be having a third one put in. At the moment, I am not ready for children and I haven't met that person that I want to take that step with. I understand that this could change very quickly, which is why I love the flexibility of the implant being able to be removed whenever I want. 


If you know me at all, you know that I am head over heels in love with Dakota Johnson. She is elegant, funny, witty, oh so stylish and a fantastic actress. Oh and she gets to kiss Jamie Dornan quite a lot so that's a plus too. Her style is flawless; simple but edgy. Think mom jeans, basic tee's, leather loafers and a hint of Gucci.