Have you ever stepped foot in a city or town and immediately thought that you 100% lived there in a previous life? Or the city is so beautiful and captivating that you couldn't possibly think of leaving in a few days time, so you search online for anyone looking for a new housemate? Well, you are not alone.


Oh 'Dam. I truly left my heart here and I have been dying to go back ever since! The beautifully quaint streets filled with moody coffee shops, hundreds of bicycles chained to everything in sight and trams bustling their way through the city. Such a beautiful sight. The museums are incredible, brimming with cool art and amazing artefacts. I am going back for my 25th birthday in July and I cannot wait to see this stunning city in summer!

The city that never sleeps and where dreams are made. New York is truly a magical place and I have never felt more at home than when I was stomping New York's streets, seeing buildings and landmarks that I've seen in all of my favourite films a million times. As we were walking through Wall Street, my friends turned to me and said "we could see you living here, running to work with a coffee in your hand" and I could have died right then and there - what a dream that would be! I can't wait to go back and see the city in a totally different season.

L.A is has a special place in my heart for one reason: The Oscars. I was lucky enough to win tickets to attend the Oscars a few years ago and it was my first of many; first long-haul flight, first trip to America and the first trip to the Oscars! It was exactly what I was expecting and completely different at the same time. I returned to L.A last year with a different group of people and a car (people who have been to LA will know why a car is so important!) and I had a blast. I will never forget walking onto that red carpet and seeing the giant golden statue...

Oh Miami, you pretty little thing! Miami was the coolest place ever; warm blue sea, super hot, music on every corner and shops to die for. Miami is a little slice of paradise for the city lover and it really packs a punch. In the day, the sun shone and you could shop, eat or go to the beach. But in the night, the strip turns into a mix of lights, crazy music, giant cocktails and deliciously overpriced food. Definitely check out this cool corner of the USA if you can.

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