That's right, I haven't had a period for four whole years. How? Well, back in 2012 I decided to get the contraceptive implant and it was the best thing I have ever done. 

The weeks leading me up to get the implant, I scoured the web for every scrap of information about every contraceptive contraption out there - if something was going to go into my body for long period of time, I wanted to know as much as possible. I read about the pill, the IUD coil, the injection and the implant. 

After all of my research, I definitely knew I didn't want to take a pill at the exact time every day, I had only ever heard horror stories about the coil and I wasn't too keen on having to go to the doctors every few months just to get the injection topped up. I knew the implant would suit my lifestyle better and the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

It is inserted using this weird contraption, kind of like a pen. They clean and numb the arm (it goes in the upper inner part of the arm, above the elbow) and then position the implant. Something is released and then pushed into the skin, similar to an ear piercing gun. The area is bandaged tightly to reduce bruising and off you go! They also give you a card stating what implant you have, the date you had it inserted and when it needs to come out.

The removal sounds pretty rough but you don't feel or see a thing. Your arm is numbed with general anaesthetic and a 4-5mm piece of the skin is cut open with a scalpel so the implant can be pulled out and a new one can be popped back in. I didn't feel a thing and it took about 10 minutes altogether.

My experience with the Implant has been fantastic! I currently have my second implant in, which was inserted in 2015 so I have just over a year until I need a new one put in. 
All of my visits have been painless, I haven't had any side effects and the best part of it all is that my periods have completely stopped! I get very minimal cramps around my usual time of the month, but apart from that, no blood, no tampons and no period knickers! 
At first, I was worried that not having periods wasn't safe or good for your body, but I checked with my doctor when I went in for my second one and she confirmed that it is perfectly normal and isn't doing any harm. Once my implant is removed, my periods will start as normal (although probably irregular for the first few months) and my fertility will be back very quickly too.

I will be 25 when I have my second implant removed and at this present time, I will be having a third one put in. At the moment, I am not ready for children and I haven't met that person that I want to take that step with. I understand that this could change very quickly, which is why I love the flexibility of the implant being able to be removed whenever I want. 

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