Do you have that list of things that you need to buy at some stage, but you just put off buying them for ages and then just buy them all at once? Yeah, well that's what I did this week and some of them are pretty fab. 

 I love a pair of glasses; they add a hint of class to an outfit and they conceal the hideous bags under my eyes from binge-watching Pretty Little Liars into the early morning. I picked these pretty boys from eBay and they were only £6! Surprisingly, they are really good quality and they look fab on so they are a winner.

I have been desperate to get some Castor Oil for ages now, but I've been reluctant to pay £10 for a huge bottle from Holland & Barrett when I just wanted a little one! So to eBay, I went and found this one for £2.99! I am using it to grow my eyebrows and lashes so stay tuned for a progress update. 

These little cuties are for the above oil to be applied to my hairless brows and lashes. These were £1.49 for 10 and they are perfect. 

 Praise the lord for this beautiful book! I have been waiting for Roth to write another one ever since the Divergent series came to an end (still haven't gotten over that ending, FYI) and Carve The Mark looks so glorious and majestic and I am going to start it asap. 

 There's nothing I love more than notebooks. I have hundreds, but I can always justify a few more and these sassy queens were coming home with me for only a £1 each.

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