In February 2015, I unbelievably attended the 87th Academy Awards in Los Angeles and it was the best experience of my life! 
I won tickets to the Oscar Fan Experience, where you attend the red carpet and sit in the bleachers, watching the most incredible actors and actresses walk by in their gorgeous designer dresses and suits.

My sister and I flew out to LA - our first international flight and trip to America! - and stayed in a motel for the week on Sunset Boulevard. The Oscars were on the Sunday so we arrived a few days earlier to sightsee and get our bearings. We took a fun bus tour and wandered down the Walk of Fame, only to stumble upon the team setting up for the awards.

Then the day finally arrived: we were actually going to the Oscars! Everyone had a different call time and ours was 9.30am so we made our way to the Dolby Theatre. We underestimated how far away it actually was (LA is huge and a car is a must!) but we got there and were welcomed with a personalised lanyard and a awesome goodie bag full to the brim. We were seated in our row (you can actually see us towards the back in the first pic!!!) and the waiting began.
We saw Emma Stone, Chris Pine, Clint Eastwood, Dakota Johnson, Eddie Redmayne, the list goes on! It was truly so surreal, I still can't believe we actually went.

The day didn't stop there! Once the celebs finished walking the carpet, we were escorted to the El Captain Theatre across the road and were treated to a private viewing of the Oscars live as it was happening! We had free drinks and popcorn and felt unbelievably spoilt. 
After watching everyone win the famous golden statue, we got a lift from one of the couples we sat next to in the bleachers back to our motel and settled down for the night after our amazingly glamorous day. 

I would like to thank The Academy for this experience. I will never forget this experience for as long as I live, and I really hope I win again someday.


Okay, I admit. I went a bit crazy on the movie front recently. I have been eyeing the 5 for £20 deal in HMV for the past month and I finally caved. I picked the above five; a fun 80's flick with Cher, a sexy Italian drama featuring my babe Dakota Johnson, the third instalment to the Divergent series, a dark beauty thriller set in Los Angeles and an intense thriller about a twisted prison experiment. I have been DYING to get all of these for so bloody long and they look so fab in my collection.

I then splashed out in Tesco because I literally just go in there sometimes to oggle the DVD's....try it sometime, trust me. The last four were bargains from charity shops, which is one of my favourite ways to find hidden gems.

The next couple of months are amazing for DVD releases, which is fab for my collection but not so fab for my bank account....


Lily Collins is just classic. She is elegant whilst being casual and can rock long curls, a sassy bob or a perfect pixie with ease. Her style is put together with a touch of edginess and everything she wears is thought out - her shoes match her bag, the colours match on her sunglasses to her top - and thats why I love her.


I took it easy this weekend, doing my usual rounds of the charity shops in my local area and unfortunately not finding a single bargain. So I popped to my local Lidl to get this glorious salt rock that is only £8.99!!! I have wanted one of these for such a long time but they are usually super expensive. This one is real salt (yes, I licked it for confirmation....) and it comes with a wooden base and a plug/light fixture so it glows and omg it is so pretty! I ended the day by tucking into my new book, Lion.

Sunday was an exciting day because I wore fifty shades of grey to see Fifty Shades Darker for the SECOND time! I saw it on its release date on Friday with my mum and sister, so I went to see it again with my friend. It is so so so so so good and I can't wait to watch it again! After the film, I went home and browsed social media and binged hair and celebs on my fave website/app Pinterest.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and here's to a crazy one next time! 


After doing a style post on my fave PLL girls, Shay and Ash, I thought it would be rude not to do one for the other just as cool PLL's. Up next it's Lucy Hale who plays the beautiful Aria. When I was looking up Lucy's style, I realised just how casual and effortlessly cool she really is. She rocks some light wash skinny or mom jeans, a fancy top and some kick-ass statement shoes. Oh, and an iced latte from Starbucks of course.


Bella Italia is one of our family's favourite places to eat for a quick lunch or a lovely sit-down meal. It's always a pleasant visit, with wonderfully friendly and attentive staff and delicious food! The menu may be small, but each dish is individual and bloody lovely.

*All photos were taken on the Canon G7X Mark ii*

We started with Calamari with a garlic mayonnaise, and Gamberi, which is king prawns baked in garlic and chilli with ciabatta toast.

 For my main meal I had a new dish called Paccheri Calabrese, which is giant pasta tubes in a spicy tomato sauce, 'njuda sausage and pepperoni, chicken and Luganica sausage, roasted red onion and green pepper with a dollop of cooling mascarpone. OH MY GOODNESS it was bloody delicious! I usually go for something more creamier but this was spicy heaven.


 This weekend was a nice and scenic one, full of pretty buildings, decor, food and fish. 
On Saturday we ventured out to Clifton, a posh part of Bristol with markets, shops and very expensive houses. We popped to a market selling fresh bread and other baked goods ready to make your mouth water, and another which had these beautiful tulips and the even more beautiful Fentimans drinks which I lust over every time I see them!

After working up an appetite, we went to Bella Italia for a quick lunch and wow it didn't disappoint. Bella Italia is one of those places that you can just pop into, knowing the food is going to be delicious and affordable. 

My mum spotted this Trump poster whilst in the Clifton Arcades (we aren't fans of his...) and I had to peak in Pets at Home to look at the pretty fish.
Sunday is usually a rest day so I nipped to my local Tesco to grab a copy of Glamour with my angel Dakota Johnson on the cover, and my usual iced caramel latte from Starbucks. For the rest of the day I have been writing and editing posts for the upcoming week and I will be catching up on How To Get Away With Murder because hot damn the shit is hitting the fan in season 2!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! x



Film is an incredible, amazing thing. Personally, it is one of the closest things we have to magic, and a certain film can make you feel every emotion under the sun for thousands of different reasons. Each person can interpret the same film differently. A film can retell history, or show who the true, unspoken heroes really are. A film can heal or break a person. A film can remind you of a special time in your life, or a special person. A film can let you travel the world and see new cultures that you didn't even know existed. And sometimes a film is just life-changing.

There are lots of reasons why I love film and cinema the way I do, but mostly, I love the emotions they can muster from deep inside. The combination of the score, editing, visual effects and simple storytelling can make or break a film. Some flop and fumble through the box-office, but some will triumph and become classics for years to come. 

That is why I love the Oscars (and award season in general....). One night a year, where incredibly talented artists from different genres and areas of filmmaking, come together to celebrate each other's work. 

Which is why I have chosen my dream winners for this year (some of the categories were too hard to just choose one so I picked two...or four....). All nominees completely deserve their nomination, but these special people are in need of that gold statue...

La La Land, Hacksaw Ridge, Manchester By the Sea or Lion

Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Dev Patel, Lion

Emma Stone, La La Land

Viola Davis, Fences


La La Land or Arrival


Damien Chazelle, La La Land

City of Stars, La La Land

Fantastic Beasts or La La Land

The Jungle Book


La La Land or Manchester By the Sea