Okay, I admit. I went a bit crazy on the movie front recently. I have been eyeing the 5 for £20 deal in HMV for the past month and I finally caved. I picked the above five; a fun 80's flick with Cher, a sexy Italian drama featuring my babe Dakota Johnson, the third instalment to the Divergent series, a dark beauty thriller set in Los Angeles and an intense thriller about a twisted prison experiment. I have been DYING to get all of these for so bloody long and they look so fab in my collection.

I then splashed out in Tesco because I literally just go in there sometimes to oggle the DVD's....try it sometime, trust me. The last four were bargains from charity shops, which is one of my favourite ways to find hidden gems.

The next couple of months are amazing for DVD releases, which is fab for my collection but not so fab for my bank account....

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