In February 2015, I unbelievably attended the 87th Academy Awards in Los Angeles and it was the best experience of my life! 
I won tickets to the Oscar Fan Experience, where you attend the red carpet and sit in the bleachers, watching the most incredible actors and actresses walk by in their gorgeous designer dresses and suits.

My sister and I flew out to LA - our first international flight and trip to America! - and stayed in a motel for the week on Sunset Boulevard. The Oscars were on the Sunday so we arrived a few days earlier to sightsee and get our bearings. We took a fun bus tour and wandered down the Walk of Fame, only to stumble upon the team setting up for the awards.

Then the day finally arrived: we were actually going to the Oscars! Everyone had a different call time and ours was 9.30am so we made our way to the Dolby Theatre. We underestimated how far away it actually was (LA is huge and a car is a must!) but we got there and were welcomed with a personalised lanyard and a awesome goodie bag full to the brim. We were seated in our row (you can actually see us towards the back in the first pic!!!) and the waiting began.
We saw Emma Stone, Chris Pine, Clint Eastwood, Dakota Johnson, Eddie Redmayne, the list goes on! It was truly so surreal, I still can't believe we actually went.

The day didn't stop there! Once the celebs finished walking the carpet, we were escorted to the El Captain Theatre across the road and were treated to a private viewing of the Oscars live as it was happening! We had free drinks and popcorn and felt unbelievably spoilt. 
After watching everyone win the famous golden statue, we got a lift from one of the couples we sat next to in the bleachers back to our motel and settled down for the night after our amazingly glamorous day. 

I would like to thank The Academy for this experience. I will never forget this experience for as long as I live, and I really hope I win again someday.

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