This weekend was a nice and scenic one, full of pretty buildings, decor, food and fish. 
On Saturday we ventured out to Clifton, a posh part of Bristol with markets, shops and very expensive houses. We popped to a market selling fresh bread and other baked goods ready to make your mouth water, and another which had these beautiful tulips and the even more beautiful Fentimans drinks which I lust over every time I see them!

After working up an appetite, we went to Bella Italia for a quick lunch and wow it didn't disappoint. Bella Italia is one of those places that you can just pop into, knowing the food is going to be delicious and affordable. 

My mum spotted this Trump poster whilst in the Clifton Arcades (we aren't fans of his...) and I had to peak in Pets at Home to look at the pretty fish.
Sunday is usually a rest day so I nipped to my local Tesco to grab a copy of Glamour with my angel Dakota Johnson on the cover, and my usual iced caramel latte from Starbucks. For the rest of the day I have been writing and editing posts for the upcoming week and I will be catching up on How To Get Away With Murder because hot damn the shit is hitting the fan in season 2!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! x

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  1. Love Clifton! Such a nice place. If we can, we'll go there on bonfire night; spend dome time walking around, have food and a drink, then onto the suspension bridge to watch the fireworks!