I took it easy this weekend, doing my usual rounds of the charity shops in my local area and unfortunately not finding a single bargain. So I popped to my local Lidl to get this glorious salt rock that is only £8.99!!! I have wanted one of these for such a long time but they are usually super expensive. This one is real salt (yes, I licked it for confirmation....) and it comes with a wooden base and a plug/light fixture so it glows and omg it is so pretty! I ended the day by tucking into my new book, Lion.

Sunday was an exciting day because I wore fifty shades of grey to see Fifty Shades Darker for the SECOND time! I saw it on its release date on Friday with my mum and sister, so I went to see it again with my friend. It is so so so so so good and I can't wait to watch it again! After the film, I went home and browsed social media and binged hair and celebs on my fave website/app Pinterest.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and here's to a crazy one next time! 

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