I took myself on a spontaneous day trip to Cheltenham to see Dunkirk in IMAX (WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE BTW) and I took a few snaps out of the window of the train. I'm really getting into photography at the moment, so I am pleased with how these turned out.


A small collective haul that I've gathered over the past few weeks, featuring a super cool tee and some oh so fashionable Crocs.

I found this cool Quicksilver tee in the men's section in TKMaxx for an absolute bargain! It is going to be perfect for when I'm backpacking around Australia, with some cute denim shorts - I CAN'T WAIT. 

For my birthday, my mum gave me my favourite scent ever, Jimmy Choo. It is divine; it smells like fresh sheets, bubble baths and clean skin UGH I love it.

After loving and binge-watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, I had to have the book. It is very similar to the series so far which is so good because there is nothing worse than it being completely different.

So I am allergic to latex, which means that I am allergic to most shoes as they have latex in the glue that sticks it all together. I have tried most high street shoes and unfortunately I cannot wear them. So I did my research and Crocs are possibly the BEST shoe I can wear! So I bought some and OMG THEY ARE LIKE WALKING ON PILLOWS. 

I picked up a matching Tresemme shampoo and conditioner set for travelling next year and ugh they smell so delicious. They are the small travelling sets so the perfect size for backpacking.


For my 25th birthday, I went to Amsterdam. We saw hundreds of tulips, racked up thousands of steps walking around museums, ate our weight in nutella churros and breathed in second hand weed. It was fucking fabulous.


I finally did it. After thinking about it for almost a year, I cut all my hair off and I couldn't be happier! 

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. It has a natural wave to it, which is really lovely but it is so frizzy. Like, I couldn't just let it air dry. I would look like a lion. It is also SUPER thick which I am so thankful for but it is heavy, takes hours to dry on its own and needs constant styling to look half decent.
I had a few inches snipped off, which are from the photos below. I was loving it for the first few weeks, but after that, it didn't even feel like I had it cut!
For about 2 months before I cut it all off, I wore it up every single day. I just didn't love it and didn't want to waste the time to style it for me to only throw it up in annoyance an hour later.

So I cut it off. And it feels amazing! Styling takes about 10 minutes and I can go 2-3 days without washing. I honestly feel like myself with short hair and I can't wait to experiment with some colour and shorter styles! Stay tuned for some styling posts/videos!

I absolutely love it. I have a number 2 at the back fading into a natural length. Sides were scissor cut to about 1 inch and the top left longer for more options when styling. I will be going shorter on the top next time but I just cannot get over how beautiful it is!
If you have been thinking of getting the chop but are too scared, just do it! The best thing about hair is that it grows, so yeah sure the growing out process will be hell but who knows, you might love it so much you never want to grow it out again.