Halloween. All Hallow's Eve. A night where the undead is reborn, witches cast their spells over bubbling cauldrons and black cats roam the streets. It is also a night for pesky kids to knock on your door for treats or an evil trick. So instead of answering the door, eat the treats yourself and get ready for the ultimate Halloween movie binge. 

Whilst browsing my DVD shelves, struggling to decide on what to watch one night (Hocus Pocus won obvs), I realised how varied my horror section is. Not every film suits the genre exactly, but there are a few oddballs here that really make me feel really creeped out.

Misery. Based on Stephen King's book of the same name, it's about a writer who gets in a car crash and is rescued. Little does he know his saviour is a huge fan who is very angry about his most recent book and things get INSANE. Like tying him to the bed and keeping him prisoner insane. Very psychological and makes your heart race.
Another one that doesn't fit inside the 'horror' box is The Hole. If you want a messed up thriller, then this is your baby right here. A group of kids skip a school trip and hide out in a bunker for a few days. But after the trip is over, the guy who locks them in doesn't come back and no one knows they are there. So fucked up and there is an incredible twist that will mess with your head.
Final Destination is a crazy ride for all the right reasons. A group of kids (see how being in a group isn't the best idea?) skip death and end up being picked off one by one through crazy premonitions. One to make your heart race and full of gory and gruesome deaths too.

There's no point sugarcoating these bad boys - they fit the horror genre to a T. As there are quite a few here, I'm not going to go through each one but some need an introduction. 
House Of Wax. This film is every cliche in one but it is so good - Paris Hilton is in it, do I really need to say anymore? A group of kids (what did I say about groups?) break down and decide to go to the next town for help. They end up stumbling into the town from Hell, complete with its own House of Wax, full of sinister questions. It is terrifying and possibly one of the most underrated horror movies ever.
Ouija is one of the things you have always wanted to do but should never mess with. A girl finds an Ouija board and plays it on her own, welcoming the evil spirits to reek havoc and her decision to play comes back to haunt her. Literally. Great for lovers of the good ol' jump scare.
And we have Scream, the OG of slasher films. A serial killer is on the loose, murdering high school kids one by one. Sidney is trying to figure out who the killer is whilst trying not to be next on his list, and everything else is ending in bloodshed. Scream is an absolute classic and always will be. It also has Monica from Friends in it if you need any more reasons to watch it.

 I had to include some less bloody more PG, and these three do not disappoint. 
Hocus Pocus is the ultimate Halloween movie. Want to get in the Halloween spirit? Put on Hocus Pocus. It's autumn? Put on Hocus Pocus. It's Sunday and its raining? PUT ON HOCUS POCUS. A virgin lights the black flame candle that awakens three witches that have been waiting 300 years to come back and get revenge. Pretty much everyone's favourite Halloween film and for good reason.
Hotel Transylvania and Monster House are two beautifully animated movies with some lovely stories full of ghouls and ghosts to suit the horror junkie in you. Monster House is rather scary at times, whilst Hotel Transylvania is fun and cute and warms even the coldest of hearts.

I hope you enjoyed this little film guide as much as I did! 

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