I can't quite believe it's almost been 6 months since I cut off my hair and went pixie! It's been such a fun ride and I have totally embraced all different lengths and styles so far. 

24th June
This was the first cut and oh my god I just love it! But it was extremely high maintenance because my hair is naturally wavy. So it needed constant straightening to make it look sleek and manageable because if I left it, all of the mid length hairs would kink all over the place. It was a lot of upkeep so I knew I wanted to go shorter to see how that faired.

8th July
This is the same cut as above but a little grown out and I styled it by pushing the front off of my forehead. It was a go to hairstyle as the fringe was just too long and were getting rather annoying! I also pinned the fringe back with bobby pins just so it was out of my face.

30th July
It was finally time for a cut! And it was wonderfully short! The fringe was short on my forehead, the length was just right and the sides were short enough that I didn't have to straighten it! This was a great cut and I embraced the shortness with ease.

10th September
There was a cut before this in August, but I didn't take a photo but it was more or less the same as this one. Just before this, I went to Boardmasters Festival and it was rather annoying to style. It definitely was fluffy and all over the place, but it was manageable by just brushing it and leaving it alone. The sea air wasn't my best friend.... but it wasn't the end of the world!

14th October
The cut is still short and it is super easy to manage; air dry on the evening and lightly straighten pieces in the morning depending on what is needed. But.... I'm getting a little bored with it! I know, I know, it's only been 4 months but I think I just need to change the cut itself slightly....

12th November
So I did! I am sooo in love with this cut it is UNREAL. I asked for shorter sides, a good 2 inches off of the top and the main request - the top part to be separate from the sides. If you notice in the other photos, my hair always falls to the left. So I asked the hairdresser basically cut it like a man. I wanted the sides symmetrical and the middle to be fluid enough to lay flat and to spike up if I wanted. And thats what I got! 

I really do love this cut on me and it's such a fun, funky style! But I am daydreaming about my longer hair again...