For my 26th birthday, my best friend took me to the one place we have been talking about for years. Sketch. 

Sketch is flawless and magical and out of this world. You walk into a powdery pink room with plush chairs and pristinely decorated tables. They bring you a platter of miniature bite sized foods (that are unlimited!) and pots of decadent tea. Sugar lumps are on the side and plates of all sizes scatter the table. The employees are dressed to impress, in top hats white suits and expensive dresses. Violinists play in the corner, serenading the room whilst we try to elegantly stuff our faces.

We had the most amazing time and would do it all over again.

Sketch is what pink Disney princess dreams are made of.


Who knew Birmingham had the most ~gorg~ Botanical gardens hidden right in the city? Not this girl!
Joe and I ventured up North to Birmingham to see Titanic the Musical, which I got as a present for his birthday. We had the afternoon to kill so we decided to pop into the botanical gardens but ended up wandering around in the beautiful scenery for two hours! 

Gorgeous plants and flowers everywhere, and large sprawling grounds with majestic peacocks roaming around. It was a unexpectedly wonderful place we stumbled upon and would recommend anyone in the area to visit and enjoy the view.

The gardens also host Cult Screens, which is an open air cinema, showing some iconic films right on the grounds - they are showing The Greatest Showman in July so I will be back and front row!


At the beginning of the year, I booked a one way flight to Bangkok and 3 nights in a hostel. I packed my bags and travelled around South East Asia and Australia for four months and had the most incredible time! I couldn't even begin to count how many beautiful, amazing people I met throughout my trip.

It is a trip I will never forget.

So lets start at the first destination: Thailand. I roamed the famous streets of Bangkok and found paradise on the beaches of the Southern Islands. I ate copious amounts of green curry and swam in salty seas, sailing on boats and finding a few monkeys here and there.