North America
Go to the Oscars, Los Angeles
Go to the top of the Empire State Building, New York
Shopping spree in New York
Road trip through America
Visit every state
Stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon, Arizona
Cancun Spring Break, Mexico
Party hard in Las Vegas
Ride a cable car in San Francisco
Celebrate Mardis Gras in New Orleans
Stand in a prison cell in Alcatraz, San Francisco
See the White House, Washington D.C
Go to a Rodeo in Texas

South America
Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
 Canoe down the Amazon Jungle
Stand on the edge of Iguassu Falls
Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro

Visit the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
Sit on the Fault in our Stars bench in Amsterdam
Go on a skiing holiday in the French Alps
See the Pyramids, Egypt
Hot Air Balloon over Cappadocia, Italy
Stay at the Icehotel in Sweden
Float in the Dead Sea, Jordan
Visit Petra, Jordan
Go whale watching
Visit Oia, Santorini, Greece
Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium
Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina
Visit a coffeeshop in Amsterdam

Go on a Safari in Africa
Ride a camel through the Sahara desert

See an elephant in Thailand
See the monkeys in Ubud, Bali
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Indulge in the culture in Hong Kong
Walk the Great Wall of China 
Stay in a floating hut in the Maldives
Swim in the gorgeous waters of the Philippines
See Everest in all its greatness, Nepal

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
Chill out in Byron Bay
Feed a kangaroo in Australia
Visit the Sydney Opera House

Watch the Northern Lights
Go dog sledding

Festivals and Parties
Burning Man festival
Rio Carnival
Tomorrowland Festival
Holi Festival of Colour, India
Full moon party, Thailand
Coachella Festival
Lantern festival, Chiang Mai

Food and Drink
Eat pasta in Italy
Eat Haggis in Scotland
Eat Halloumi in Greece
Eat at all the fast food places in America
Eat Sushi in Japan
Eat a scorpion in Thailand
Eat Caviar in Russia
Eat waffles and chocolate in Belgium
Eat snails in France
Eat Chinese food in China
Eat curry in India

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